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After visiting more than 40 real estates in two different areas over a span of six months, we were starting to get a little bit desperate. So we were changing and shifting our objective in another direction and that was when we stumbled over some abandoned farm land not far from Ojochal, a little town on the northern edge of the Osa peninsula where we were staying at the time.

It took us a while to find the perfect place for our enterprise, but finally we did it! Welcome to the jungle!

The first visit of the land was already very promising and we got a glimpse of all the nice characteristics there: two creeks with swimming holes and little waterfalls, a lot of primary and secondary forest, enough pristine jungle to explore and overgrown pasture which could be perfectly used for permaculture.

Our own little paradise

We decided to exceed our budget and go for a total of 225.000 m2 or nearly 23 hectares. Not only to have enough space for all our plans, but also to protect this beautiful nature and give wildlife there some kind of refuge.

The next steps were the sales purchase agreement and a long due diligence phase, in which we explored all borders of the two combined lots, which wasn’t easy because for instance we had to walk on a nearly impenetrable ridge and even found a slight ocean view window there. We crossed creeks and rocks and waist-high grass and discovered some existing fruit trees and many great plants like bamboo, walking palms or ferns.

Finally - after many visits and a great time with our dogs in the jungle - the due diligence was accurate and we could sign the final contract and paperwork.

The next steps will be a rough plan for the permaculture, finding the right spot for the house and some additional tests like a soil study will bring more useful data.

We are looking forward to all the exciting tasks which will come and we hopefully are able to move in in our own house end of this year. Parallel to the construction process we’re going to start with the permaculture by planting many fruit trees, vegetables and herbs. We are so happy that we discovered this amazing paradise and now finally own a little piece of Costa Rica!

our paradise in Costa Rica

All pictures © The Vegan Pirates

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