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Image by Jeremy Bishop


When we first met Yulian on a dive trip to Isla del Caño, a small island in the South Pacific of Costa Rica, we didn’t know that it would change the course of the next few months and that it would also bring us in contact with more like-minded human beings.


He was our dive instructor, and he also had incredible knowledge about the humpback whales that migrate to Costa Rica every year to mate and raise their calves. He told us about the organization Innoceana and a rescue mission to save two entangled whales.


So for us, it was just a logical step that – with our background in media production and our engagement in marine conservation – we decided to help and use our skills to create a documentary about this event.


After months of research and editing, we finally finished the documentary and are so happy and proud to have been chosen and awarded by many festivals.

You can find more information about the documentary and Innoceana on


We are also very proud that Mission Blue hosted a special screening and round table for the documentary. Mission Blue is one of the most prominent marine conservation organizations founded by the incredible and inspirational marine biologist Dr. Sylvia Earle. And if you haven't seen their documentary "Mission Blue" on Netflix, we strongly recommend watching it.  


We hope that our documentary will make a slight difference in the world! Feel free to share and spread the message!

We got already appreciated by so many festivals! Thank you so much!


Award Winner

T.I.F.A. - Tiete International Film Awards, Brazil

(Best Short Documentary, Best Directing, Social Awareness Award)

Canada Shorts - Canadian & International (Award of Excellence)

Lonely Wolf International Film Festival, UK (Best Documentary Short)

RED MOVIE AWARDS, France (Best Documentary August, Best Drone Footage)

Peff 2021 - Festival Internacional de Cine Ambiental de La Patagonia, Argentina

Festival Internacional Fescilmar, Venezuela (Best Short Documentary)

International Nature and Environment Festival Gödöllö, Hungary (Best Documentary)


London Indie Short Festival, UK (Nominee)

Short Encounters International Film Festival (Nominee)

San Francisco Indie Short Festival, USA (Semi-Finalist)

Calgary Independent Film Festival, Canada (Semi-Finalist)

Official Selection

Wildlife Conservation Film Festival WCFF, New York, USA

Ocean City Film Festival, Maryland, USA
World Whale Film Festival, Hawaii, USA

Vesuvius International Film Fest, Italy

International Ocean Film Festival, San Francisco, USA

Festival de Cine entre Largos y Cortos de Oriente, Venezuela

Festival Internacional de Cine Medioambiental de Canarias, Spain

Produced by Innoceana in Association with The Vegan Pirates

Whale Rescuers

Carlos Mallo Molina

Laura Vanopdenbosch

Yulian Cordero Sanchez

Zobeida Mendoza Rojas

Wilson Cadavid Plata

Deyanira Hernández Martínez

Priscilla Zamora Mendoza

Mauricio Mendoza García

Deivid Marcus Mendoza



Hannes „Coco“ Klein

Yulian Cordero Sanchez

Carlos Mallo Molina


Camera Rescue

Laura Vanopdenbosch

Yulian Cordero Sanchez

Deyanira Hernández Martínez

Carlos Mallo Molina


Camera Interviews

Hannes „Coco“ Klein

Nicole Léon Zumbado



Yulian Cordero Sanchez

Laura Vanopdenbosch

Additional Footage

Margot Deville

Julia Zafra Aranda

Uta „Pipa“ Sax


Supported by

explosive egg films and television



Nicole Léon Zumbado

Margot Deville



Margot Deville

Yulian Cordero Sanchez



Yulian Cordero Sanchez

Karyna Duran


Edited by

Uta „Pipa“ Sax



Mama’s Boys, Costa Rica

Entangled in Costa Rica
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